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People lurking should have better idea about what XPCOM is than me. But any way...


XPConnect is Javascript binding of XPCOM. rbXPCOM was originally implemented by translating XPConneect code one by one. The code has drifted from it since then, though.

Python XPCOM
The Python XPCOM is Python binding of ..., well it's obvious. If you are familiar with Python XPCOM, you may think the rbXPCOM is very similar to the Python XPCOM. This is probably because I borrowed the language mapping design from the Python binding of OMG CORBA. I learned some cool implementation techniques (ex. implementing the component loader by script) from Python XPCOM.

XPT to Ruby
XPT to Ruby, developped by Bryan Murphy, is another package providing a Ruby with access to XPCOM components. It generates a C-wrapper for a XPCOM intenface.

The rbxpcom project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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