rbXPCOM Manual

rbXPCOM Manual

Kenichi Komiya

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rbXPCOM Manual

Table of Contents
About This Document
Introduction to rbXPCOM
Building and Testing
XPCOM Ruby Language Binding
Using XPCOM Objects
Implementing XPCOM Objects
rbXPCOM internal

About This Document

This document is the manual for rbXPCOM package. It covers the build instructions and the usage of rbXPCOM.

The rbXPCOM package is a set of Ruby bindings to XPCOM. It allows a Ruby programmer to both use and implement XPCOM interfaces. XPCOM is an acronym for "Cross Platform COM" used in the Mozilla project. Ruby is Object Oriented scripting language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto.

This document assumes the readers are already familiar with Ruby and have experience both using and implementing XPCOM objects in some other language (e.g., C++, JavaScript or Python).